Ex-Pro Skater Predicts Olympic Revival for Skateboarding

(Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images)

With the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics on the horizon, the world of skateboarding is buzzing with anticipation and speculation. A former professional skateboarder, who once dominated the ramps and rails, has stepped into the spotlight with a series of bold predictions about the future of skateboarding on the Olympic stage. His insights are not only stirring excitement among fans but also sparking debates within the sports community.

Ex-Pro Skater Envisions Skateboarding’s Olympic Resurgence

In a recent interview, the ex-pro skater, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared his optimistic outlook for skateboardings return to the Olympics. He believes that the sport will see a significant resurgence in popularity thanks to its inclusion in the Games. “Skateboarding has always been a grassroots movement,” he explains. “But being part of something as globally recognized as the Olympics gives it a new level of legitimacy and exposure.”

The ex-pro skater predicts that this increased visibility will encourage a new generation of athletes to pick up skateboarding. With more young people inspired to skate, the talent pool will deepen, leading to even more competitive and thrilling Olympic events in the future. “We’re going to see an explosion in the number of kids who want to skate, and that can only be good for the sport,” he says. “The Olympics will be the catalyst for a new golden age of skateboarding.”

Moreover, the former athlete highlights the potential for greater investment in facilities and training programs. He points out that nations aiming to compete on the Olympic stage are likely to invest in state-of-the-art skateparks and coaching. This, in turn, will elevate the overall standard of skateboarding, making it more exciting for both participants and spectators. “It’s a win-win situation,” he notes. “Better infrastructure and coaching mean better performances and more compelling competitions.”

Inside the Bold Predictions for Skateboarding’s Future

Delving deeper into his predictions, the ex-pro skater foresees a shift in the cultural perception of skateboarding. Once seen as a counter-culture activity, skateboarding’s Olympic inclusion could reframe it as a respected sport. “Being part of the Olympics changes the narrative,” he says. “It will no longer be just a pastime for rebels; it will be seen as a legitimate athletic pursuit with global recognition.”

He also anticipates that the sport will attract more diverse participants. “Skateboarding has always been inclusive, but the Olympics could amplify that,” he notes. “We’ll likely see more women, minorities, and people from various socioeconomic backgrounds getting involved, which will enrich the sport’s community and culture.” This diversity, he argues, will lead to a broader range of styles and expressions within skateboarding, making it more dynamic and innovative.

Finally, the ex-pro skater believes that the Olympic spotlight will drive technological advancements in skateboarding equipment. With top-tier athletes looking for every possible edge, companies will invest in research and development to create lighter, stronger, and more efficient gear. “We’re going to see some incredible advancements in skateboard technology,” he asserts. “From new board materials to improved safety gear, the innovations will benefit everyone, from professional athletes to weekend warriors.”

As the countdown to the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics continues, the former professional skater’s predictions offer an exciting glimpse into the future of skateboarding. His vision of a revitalized, more inclusive, and technologically advanced sport holds promise not just for athletes, but for fans around the world. Whether these bold predictions come to fruition remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: skateboarding’s Olympic journey is poised to carve out a thrilling new chapter in the sport’s history.

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